PitchForce | 5 A Round Start-Ups and 6 Savvy Investors

Date: May 11, 2021
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: Zoom

Ephraim Lindenbaum, Advance Ventures in San Jose, CA is inviting you to join 5 A Round Start-Ups and 6 Savvy Investors:


I hope you can join us today at 3:00PM PDT for our A Round PitchForce.

We have a couple extra spots at next Tuesday’s Seed Round PitchForce. Please contact me ASAP if you’re interested in presenting!

In case you missed last Thursday’s A Round PitchForce, you can see it in its entirety here.

As always, we have an outstanding panel of Investors:


Ephraim Lindenbaum, San Jose, (408) 210-0595