Venture Capital Panel: Investment and Latest Innovations in Health Tech

Join the Health Tech Panel with industry experts discussing data’s importance in healthcare, challenges of investing, and latest trends.

The Idea to IPO Health Tech Panel brought together Gary Goldman from the Global Health Impact Network, Ephraim Lindenbaum from Advanced Ventures, and Alex Santos from Chameleon, along with emerging growth and Venture Capital attorney Jason Putnam Gordon. Gordon introduced the speakers and shared some insights into his work with clinicians in the digital health revolution.

Mr. Lindenbaum discussed the trends he is seeing in Health Tech, pointing out that the middle ground is proving challenging for companies right now, with later-stage deals receiving larger check sizes than those at the earlier stages. He added that he believes the future of healthcare is data and that he has started looking for companies that focus on remote patient monitoring and how they can work with institutions to make healthcare more efficient.

Santos agreed with Lindenbaum, stating that data is becoming increasingly critical in the healthcare industry, and that he believes that Health Tech startups may have trouble penetrating small to medium-sized practices. However, he also highlighted the role of institutions, which are more willing to invest in digital health because they have greater knowledge of the area. Santos emphasized that investors must carefully consider where they are investing within the healthcare industry.

Goldman discussed how the pandemic has impacted Health Tech and how it has shifted regulatory schemes. He also spoke about the challenges in the international market, which require skepticism, and how private equity firms are looking to buy and sell healthcare businesses, which has created opportunities for investors.

Overall, the panelists highlighted the importance of data in the healthcare industry and the challenges of investing in the current market. They emphasized that investors must consider the stage of investment and the institutional knowledge of the healthcare sector when making investment decisions.


  • The panel is focused on the latest innovations and investments in health tech.
  • The panelists include Gary Goldman from the Global Health Impact Network, Ephraim Lindenbaum from Advanced Ventures, and Alex Santos from Chameleon.
  • The panelists invest in early-stage companies that have a minimum viable product and are already generating customer traction, with well-formed early teams.
  • Later-stage deals in health tech are still being funded, but the middle ground is the most challenging for companies to raise money in.
  • The future of healthcare is in data, and digital health startups are finding it challenging to penetrate the individual practice side, but are finding more adoption on the institutional side.



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